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about our services

Question: What kind of props do you have? Are these included in the packages?

Answer: Yes, props come with every package and automatically, you’ll have tons to choose from. Superhero sunglasses, emoji faces on sticks, trendy message bubbles, hats, blow up props, and more!

Question: How many attendants do we get for our event?

Answer: You will always have up to two photo booth attendants present to check in and set up equipment. They will also stay at the photo booth station the entire event to help entertain guests, manage the tech, lighting, and more!

Question: What kind of backdrops do you have?

Answer: We have multiple selections of backdrops. You can access them here to view. If you have a color scheme in mind that you don’t see in our collection, please ask away and we’d be happy to help. 

Question: How do I access the pictures online in my digital gallery after the event?

Answer: We will always upload all the event pictures (prints and originals) to our online gallery. The host who had been in contact with us will get the private download links sent directly from us. Guests can view their album by clicking on the “Find my pictures” button below. Once they are re-directed to the gallery website, they can find their event album. Each event should have its own album and its own designated password. To retrieve the album password, please contact your event host.

Question: Do we pay extra depending on how many pictures are taken?

Answer: No way! You will get access to unlimited pictures within the time frame that is reserved, no matter what package you get. 

Question: Can I get customized props if I request them?

Answer: Absolutely! We have in-house customization for props you would like to have according to your theme. Having a Hawaiian luau and need some tropical flavor to make your event stand out? We can make some for you at your request. Additional fees may apply. Please inquire about our special customization add-on. It’s usually a hit!

Question: Do you guys have a guestbook album option?

Answer: Of course! This is also another popular add-on option for mostly weddings. A mini leather album will be provided for your guests to put in an extra copy of their prints along with markers/pens for them to use to scribble a note!

Question: Is there anything else I would need to provide with the guestbook album if I choose that?

Answer: We will provide the leather album, pens, markers, adhesive tape, and scissors. All we would ask is a small table for the guestbook album station area. You are also more than welcome to add your own additions for the guestbook like stickers, pictures of yourself, etc.

about booking your event

Question: What kind of deposit is required to reserve my date?

Answer: We offer a two-time payment option. The first is 50% deposit at the time you are booking your event with us. The last payment is about 2 weeks before your event.

Question: How far in advance do you recommend I book a photo booth for my event?

Answer: We can book from up to 1 year in advance and also a couple days if it is an emergency last minute event for you. Of course, we encourage you to contact us so we can see our availability and match the event reservation for you.

Question: Can you provide proof of liability insurance?

Answer: Yes, we have proof of liability for up to $1 million insurance and can provide that to any venue that requires it.

Question: Is the deposit refundable?

Answer: If you choose to cancel your event with us within 30 days of booking, your initial deposit is refundable!

about delivery and setup

Question: How does your setup work?

Answer: We will arrive to your event an hour and a half before our photo booth run times - free of no charge. If you have us booked at 4 PM, we will be there by 2:30 PM to start unloading our equipment and setting up by 4 PM. 

Question: What if I need my event to be split up into two chunks of time?

Answer: It shouldn’t be a problem! Clients can request that we split their rental time in two time slots with a break in the middle. If you request it, we can try to accommodate it for you!

Question: Do you guys deliver your photo booth anywhere?

Answer: Absolutely. Happy Cow Photo Booths will gladly service areas in Southern California such as: Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Inland Empire, etc. We offer free delivery for up to 50 miles. 

Question: Do I need to provide anything else at the event?

Answer: We only ask that there is an electrical outlet nearby for our booth to plug into. If you were to reserve a guestbook album with us, we only ask for a small table for the guestbook station. Other than that, we provide everything!