Pilates: Plank Contest, raffles, and the photo booth!


For those that are curious about what types of events Happy Cow Photo Booths does, we specialize in mostly weddings and corporate events. (Of course, all other types of events are welcome for us to work in). 

We had another collaboration with Club Pilates for their members appreciation event to kick it off in Chino Hills and were excited to work with them again! Those that were in Club Pilates came along with supporting family and friends to celebrate the raffle event giveaway. It started to get busy as more members started to fill into the studio as the HCPB crew started our setup.

We were finished with setting up and Amy [the owner] started to give away tickets for people to win items for pilates exercises like weights, balls, and other trendy equipment items. They started off with a planking challenge for the members and someone won it by planking for almost 5 minutes! 

We had a pretty great turnout with all the members going from vendor to vendor (there was a shop stand for snacks and retail clothing available) and then people jumped into our booth before leaving.

Kids were loving our props and we used our photo booth "tilt" to make the little ones stand out in the pictures. 

Best part? There were two girl scouts that participated and we ended taking a few boxes home for ourselves! Like the picture states below... #BESTDAYEVER!