Reception at Twenty Eight Lounge


At Happy Cow Photo Booths, we love the entertaining aspect of joining the happiest of days, especially weddings! We were excited to join the reception for Thi and Ly's celebrations as husband and wife on September 3rd! The location was in Irvine and the team rolled out all their equipment to set up. Many guests were milling around chattering happily as the restaurant staff bustled through cheerily. The smell of smoked delicacies were wafting through the air and the open bar already had lines filling up.

Once the photo booth was fully ready, guests wasted no time to look through our prop assortments as we had our videographer film throughout the time. People seemed to love our customized cut-out of Thi and Ly, which were their faces enlarged on sticks, and it included an Instagram pop-out post of their wedding details.

All in all, everyone had a blast taking turns and we had many repeat guests this night!

We want to thank Thi and Ly for having us at their reception party and congratulations as husband and wife!

- The Happy Cow Photo Booths Team

Thi and Ly looking fantastic!

Thi and Ly looking fantastic!