Green Screen


We carry a green screen option for your event where we provide a green backdrop for visual enhancement where you can make your own customized backdrop if you wish to have a creative and interactive background for your guests to enjoy. This would help especially if your event has a certain theme for birthdays or for corporate marketing. 


It’s definitely a sweet addition to have at your event because it can be personalized, just like the photo strip! Users can blend in with the selected display, and optional foreground overlays are available. Foreground overlay is an effect where guests can peek from behind a visual object and be in front of the background at the same time, giving it a more realistic effect.

Although green screens have been around for some time, it’s one of the newest ways to effectively engage your guests to have a great time in front of a photo booth! Ask us for a quote to see how we can set you up with one!

Make A Wish: Made an impact!

We were off to an extremely windy start around 6 AM on a Saturday morning. The day was set with a buzz as the Make A Wish crew members and volunteers gathered around the Great Park grounds, bustling around nervously as 25 mph winds were gusting through and through. The white tents that were already set to stay were being swept up off the ground. The morning was a bit rough as we were all trying to gain perspective on how we should have the event set up before the rest of the guests were set to arrive by 7:30 AM. Despite the weather being a circus, everyone decided to move their location next to a building that sheltered the winds from sweeping in. Ah! Finally a solution and the day will continue to go on - no matter what! The energy of our determination was contagious and we all cheerily continued to move our things into the grounds.

As the clock hit 7:30, I could see more volunteers and walk-a-thon candidates coming in. The audio team had started setting up the stage and a couple emcees from Make A Wish took the stage and mic to introduce themselves. They started to hype everyone up with jokes and energetic speeches for those that were attending. At one point, a costumed lobster came out to dance with everyone and wave to passing people - it definitely created a lot of smiles.

The whole event unfolded beautifully as walkers gathered around for our American anthem. Everyone around placed their right hands over their hearts to pledge allegiance to the flag and it was refreshing to have everyone together - different ethnicities and people from all kinds of backgrounds, standing united for the same cause. We felt honored and proud to be at such an event that was trying to raise money for the kids who are battling or have battled for cancerous issues.

Thank you again Make A Wish members and those that have attended this with us. It was a blessing to experience this as we were glad to have supported and also be reminded of the little things in life! We had an amazing time just being there along with numerous other vendors and participants who came out!

Lots of hugs and smiles,

Happy Cow Photo Booth team

Pilates: Plank Contest, raffles, and the photo booth!


For those that are curious about what types of events Happy Cow Photo Booths does, we specialize in mostly weddings and corporate events. (Of course, all other types of events are welcome for us to work in). 

We had another collaboration with Club Pilates for their members appreciation event to kick it off in Chino Hills and were excited to work with them again! Those that were in Club Pilates came along with supporting family and friends to celebrate the raffle event giveaway. It started to get busy as more members started to fill into the studio as the HCPB crew started our setup.

We were finished with setting up and Amy [the owner] started to give away tickets for people to win items for pilates exercises like weights, balls, and other trendy equipment items. They started off with a planking challenge for the members and someone won it by planking for almost 5 minutes! 

We had a pretty great turnout with all the members going from vendor to vendor (there was a shop stand for snacks and retail clothing available) and then people jumped into our booth before leaving.

Kids were loving our props and we used our photo booth "tilt" to make the little ones stand out in the pictures. 

Best part? There were two girl scouts that participated and we ended taking a few boxes home for ourselves! Like the picture states below... #BESTDAYEVER!


New Years Eve Bash: White, Gold, and Glitter!

Celebrate what you want to see more of.
— Tom Peters

Happy new year from Happy Cow Photo Booths! (That sounds a little funny in one sentence) We rang in the new year with a NYE bash to celebrate! It was absolutely gorgeous because the event had a color variation of gold, black, and white with streamers and balloons to add to the glitzy theme. Guests all arrived in their New Years' best with wine and champagne to toast.

We were really excited to add in our NYE themed props that included top hats, tiaras, party poppers, and noise makers. The highlight was our champagne shaped balloon to linger in the background for most of our shots! Everyone loved hugging it and even made a Mannequin Challenge video with it. To make it even more official, Dick Clark's New Year's eve countdown was streaming live in the background while everyone chatted and mingled. It's not a real New Year's eve bash if that's not on, right?

With all of the pre-meditated resolutions and blissful wishing, everyone made their way up to the rooftop and counted down to midnight, yelling into the neighborhood as the city lights glittered in the background behind them. It was amazing to be a part of the experience.

How was your New Year's eve? We hope yours was just as amazing! Here's a toast to 2017 and for many more special events to come!

Wine Walk

We were invited to join Club Pilates on their new studio grand opening at The Shoppes at Chino Hills and take part in the Wine Walk event happening that very same day! The Wine Walk is an annual get together for all vendors and shops to participate in having guests sign up for a community fundraiser - provided with food and wine to celebrate and extend the proceeds to charity.

Amy, the owner of Club Pilates, also participated in the Wine Walk so we were glad to see how it all went down behind the scenes. Upon arriving, the team set up shop within her pilates studio in the back and every time a participating Wine Walk guest strolled in, they jumped into our photo booth to keep the pictures as mementos.

Some of our favorite moments are below so check them out! A big thank you to Amy from Club Pilates for letting us be involved with your staff.

- The Happy Cow Photo Booths Team

Happy Wine Walkers and sippers!

Happy Wine Walkers and sippers!

These ladies wanted to use their own props - which worked out really well, I must say!

These ladies wanted to use their own props - which worked out really well, I must say!

Reception at Twenty Eight Lounge


At Happy Cow Photo Booths, we love the entertaining aspect of joining the happiest of days, especially weddings! We were excited to join the reception for Thi and Ly's celebrations as husband and wife on September 3rd! The location was in Irvine and the team rolled out all their equipment to set up. Many guests were milling around chattering happily as the restaurant staff bustled through cheerily. The smell of smoked delicacies were wafting through the air and the open bar already had lines filling up.

Once the photo booth was fully ready, guests wasted no time to look through our prop assortments as we had our videographer film throughout the time. People seemed to love our customized cut-out of Thi and Ly, which were their faces enlarged on sticks, and it included an Instagram pop-out post of their wedding details.

All in all, everyone had a blast taking turns and we had many repeat guests this night!

We want to thank Thi and Ly for having us at their reception party and congratulations as husband and wife!

- The Happy Cow Photo Booths Team

Thi and Ly looking fantastic!

Thi and Ly looking fantastic!